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Pupil Nearly Dies Following Terrifying Athletics Accident
A 14 year old from Kent was lucky to escape permanent damage following ... [read more]
Asbestos Exposure in Leeds Leads to Suspended Jail Sentence

A Leeds trader has been handed a suspended jail sentence after grossly ...

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Toxic Smog Warnings Make Their Way across the UK
The country is on high alert today for an incoming wave of toxic smog ... [read more]
Fast Food Employee Suffers Burn, Instructed to Apply Mustard
This is one of those health and safety stories that appears as if it ... [read more]
Palcohol: A Health and Safety Disaster Waiting to Happen?
If you’re a social media hawk, you no doubt would have heard about the ... [read more]
Mock Accident Brings Health and Safety to Life
An incident in which a painter and decorator obtained severe injuries ... [read more]
Inventive Uses for Diggers & Other Construction Skills
From popping the question to PPE awareness, the dexterity of ... [read more]
5 Ways e-Learning is the Future of Health and Safety Training
Do you remember the days of taking test upon test while sat at a desk ... [read more]
Events So Far...
Find out about Safety Media's very busy start to 2015, exhibiting at 3 ... [read more]
We Are Safety Media - Meet Us: Jonathan Horsley
In his 11th year with the company, Jonny gives us an insight into what ... [read more]
Are you 'Emotionally Intelligent'?

As important as IQ, 'Emotional Intelligence' is becoming widely ...

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Scottish firefighter loses life following safety breaches
Scottish Fire & Rescue Service admit Health & Safety breaches ... [read more]
6 of the Strangest Health and Safety Rules and Bans

There’s no doubting that health and safety can save lives and ...

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Quarrying Among ‘Most Dangerous Jobs’ Around

Following on from the tragic death of a pensioner in Scotland and the ...

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This Week in Health and Safety News
There’s always something new going on within our industry, whether ...
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